There is a Reason You Are Here


Being truly blessed, and doing what I love and share it with the world is an amazing gift from the spiritual realm which began as young child, then as I grew older I was able to recognize my calling as a spiritual messenger and started “tuning in” to my higher self, angels and guides. I have been on this journey since via many winding roads that have brought me to a place where I can help you by offering messages from Spirit and intuitive guidance. I feel if you were brought here and reading my profile that you were meant to have a reading from me. I am very approachable and love helping people. My purpose is to help you connect, heal, empower and grow.

Kat Amen

Psychic and Medium

Certified Master Tarot and Oracle Card Reader

Spirit Portrait Artist

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher

Certified Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified Hypnotherapist


Give yourself the gift of clarity, healing and self care. Please purchase a service below or email, call or text your request to: or 9702271081. I also offer instant prepaid text readings for $2 a minute, 10 minute minimum. My Facebook page and YouTube channel links are at the bottom right of this page please check them out. I am here to help and am truly blessed to be a part of your spiritual journey. Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your spiritual journey. May you live your best life every day. Much love and light to you all. Namaste.